Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emailed Political Rage - again...

   I’m so weary of emailed political rage.  Two weeks ago in my sermon, and then again in a column in the Charlotte Observer, I warned people against forwarding angry emails.  Then one flies around the past couple of days, it gets forwarded to me - all about the DNC refusing to let Christian groups provide gifts for delegates, how they welcomed Muslims, how Christian values aren’t accepted by the DNC.  However…

   1. The “news” story” had a newspaper-like font, but not attributed to any remotely reliable news source, or any news source at all.  Just a guy named Austin Miles, who appears to be not a journalist but a minister in... California?
  2. The source quoted in the story, complaining about the DNC, is David Benham, the son of Flip Benham, the notorious protestor who was rude to people outside my own church for weeks ramping up to the convention.  The Benhams were at Trade and Tryon St. every day with megaphones, spewing venom, condemning everybody to hell.  I don’t know what “gifts” they offered, or what transpired, but I don’t see David Benham as a reliable source.

    3. The story says Christians couldn’t do anything for delegates.  But several downtown churches did provide snacks, respite, organ concerts, etc., with no troubles.

    4. I was personally part of a panel at the DNC on God and politics, and not only the panelists but several Democratic politicians were there, and Jesus was spoken of quite fondly.

    5. I do not know many of the DNC delegates personally, but the ones I know are church folks, good folks.  Some delegates worshipped with us during the DNC, and were very kind and appreciative.

   So readers, please:  an unsubstantiated email isn’t something to get riled up about, or even to bother reading.