Monday, February 18, 2013

Doing the wash - worshipfully

Doing the wash: now there’s an activity ripe with theological possibilities!  The act of sudsing and spinning your clothes clean might remind us that we need God to cleanse us – and it might be uncomfortable and hard on us, just as it is on our clothes in that machine!  In worship we confess our sin and seek forgiveness; it’s embarrassing, and requires change.  Being washed, like my laundry.

   But then the load is ready to come out of the dryer.  As I fold an undershirt, and then a handtowel, and then my biking shorts, I say a prayer for someone, anyone, or give thanks for something, or someone.  As I smooth out and put my laundry in order, I ask God to put my life in better order.  Iron out my crooked places, O Lord.

   And then there are socks – notoriously independent creatures, although they were made to live in pairs.  I’m always one sock short.  Where could it be?  As I pair my socks, I pray for a relationship, mine with my child or spouse, a couple I know that is struggling.  When I notice the lonely sock without its friend, I think of someone who’s been left alone – and pray, and maybe even email or phone the person.  Or I think of the one who has gone out on his own – the friend who’s moved to the West coast for work, or the son away at college – and I pray, and maybe even shoot that person a note of love.

   The laundry: another chance to worship fully.

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  1. Sorry it's been a while but this post caught my attention. I thought for a few posts there you were going to start talking about actual praxis rather than talking about casual thoughts while doing mundane tasks, bike shorts, and American privilege.

    Surely you realize praying while doing laundry is not praxis, giving away your laundry is.