Monday, February 18, 2013

Doing the wash - worshipfully

Doing the wash: now there’s an activity ripe with theological possibilities!  The act of sudsing and spinning your clothes clean might remind us that we need God to cleanse us – and it might be uncomfortable and hard on us, just as it is on our clothes in that machine!  In worship we confess our sin and seek forgiveness; it’s embarrassing, and requires change.  Being washed, like my laundry.

   But then the load is ready to come out of the dryer.  As I fold an undershirt, and then a handtowel, and then my biking shorts, I say a prayer for someone, anyone, or give thanks for something, or someone.  As I smooth out and put my laundry in order, I ask God to put my life in better order.  Iron out my crooked places, O Lord.

   And then there are socks – notoriously independent creatures, although they were made to live in pairs.  I’m always one sock short.  Where could it be?  As I pair my socks, I pray for a relationship, mine with my child or spouse, a couple I know that is struggling.  When I notice the lonely sock without its friend, I think of someone who’s been left alone – and pray, and maybe even email or phone the person.  Or I think of the one who has gone out on his own – the friend who’s moved to the West coast for work, or the son away at college – and I pray, and maybe even shoot that person a note of love.

   The laundry: another chance to worship fully.