Monday, December 24, 2012

What does Jesus want for Christmas? Candles, and a prayer

     I hope you will be one of the thousands who will worship somewhere on this sacred day, and perhaps raise a candle.  My most moving, joyful moment of the year comes at the end of worship this day when we sing “Silent Night,” and lift our candles.  There is resplendent beauty in that moment, a sense of solidarity with each other – and a hint of defiance.  Yes, against the darkness that is life in this broken world, we declare that God is light, the Light has indeed come into the world, and the darkness does not have the final say.

     I wish for Christmas we who meet in the blogosphere could visit with each other, like in person, share some sort of beverage and sit around a tree, listen to your life, and share mine.  I do want to wish you a Blessed, Joyful Christmas, and invite you to remember to pray with me and God’s people all over the world for peace, for love, for comfort in the knowledge of God’s love which was and is so immense that God came down and lived among us, showing us God’s heart in the flesh of a small, vulnerable child, held close in his mother’s embrace.  The tenderness of our God moves us, and gives me delight and unflagging hope.

     Thank you for being in my life in this way.