Friday, December 28, 2012

into 2013 - Praxis!

As 2012 draws to a close, let me thank you for reading - and more for the privilege that is mine to join you in this way as we think together, and try to live faithfully together for God. I'm grateful.
      We have exciting plans for 2013 - beginning with an intriguing, hopefully helpful series called Praxis. It's a Greek word, and a noble one; Aristotle wrote that Praxis is the grand destiny of free people.
     Praxis is the way we take theory and knowledge, and apply it, and make it real in daily life. We will consider in some depth the essentials of the Christian faith - and in utterly simplistic ways ask how and why all this matters when you're stuck at a stoplight, getting dressed, sitting down to eat, about to go out for the evening, when you have a little decision or a prickly crisis. The logo says it best: Think like Jesus, Live our Faith.
     I'm looking forward to it. You'll get 3 (hopefully not too long...) emails each week from me, we'll form groups at church - and also offer special programs. The first will be Monday, January 7, 7pm, when my friend Dr. David Chadwick of the Forest Hill Church will join with me in conversation about the essentials of what we as Christians believe.
     I'd also mention that for 4 more days, you can get my new book, Struck from Behind: My Memories of God, at a special discount. Go to the publisher's website page, and at checkout enter the coupon code STRUCK, and instead of $20 the book will only cost $12. The book is also available immediately via Kindle for just $9, and on and bookstores.
     Let's have a blessed ushering in of the new year, and a fruitful 2013!