Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Praxis begins!

     Praxis: Think like Jesus, Live our Faith has begun!  In last Thursday’s email I defined Praxis as the way we take theory and knowledge, and apply it, and make it real in daily life.  We will consider in some depth the essentials of the Christian faith – and in utterly simplistic ways ask how and why all this matters when folding the laundry, driving through your neighborhood, paying bills, and much more.

     One email each week will try to cut to the marrow of what we believe about God.  This coming Monday, 7pm, my friend Dr. David Chadwick of the Forest Hill Church will join with me in conversation about the essentials of belief; then on February 11 I’ll have a similar conversation with another good friend, the evangelist Leighton Ford.

     Then we’ll hedge those emails and conversations with utterly simple ways to help us be mindful of God throughout the day, and how to be as faithful and helpful to God as possible. 

     I’m excited – and hope you’ll commit to this series, not only in reading emails but also in thinking deeply and trying the real life suggestions.  If we do we’ll be blessed in 2013!