Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Praxis - Think like Jesus - when I'm out and about

So I am driving through my neighborhood, or walking down the sidewalk toward my office, going wherever it is that I routinely go. Where am I? Whose house am I passing? What's up in that house?

I ride my bicycle daily - and there are homes I pass where I know someone is ill, or facing a challenge, or a child has gone off to school, or there's been a divorce. As I pass, I say a prayer. These prayers matter to God. And they humble me, and remind all of us of our common humanity, and our shared need for God.

I could just drive mindlessly, or find myself rankled by talk radio. I could also think about a family's situation in a gossipy kind of way. But I want to think like Jesus.

I drive past the courthouse - and pray for judges, and the people in prison Jesus told us to be concerned about. Through the windshield I see a hospital, and pray for someone I know who is sick, or for doctors and nurses in general. I pass my church, or any church, and give thanks to God, and pray for the clergy and leaders.

Perhaps I even change my route a little to go by a particular house, or take a slightly longer way home to be sure I behold places and people in need - and instead of shuddering, I pray, and ask God what I might do to help.

Running, biking, driving, walking: all holy moments, chances to pray and love.