Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Praxis - what to pray?

     Several of you have asked me, OK, pray while doing the dishes, pray in the closet – but what do I pray?  Whatever may be on your heart, of course, and whatever you suspect might be on God’s heart.

     I’ve not read her newest book, but Anne Lamott’s title provides a simple outline; in various forms we say 3 things to God:  Help! Thanks! and Wow!  That could keep you busy praying for quite a while.  Ask for God’s assistance; express gratitude; and be awestruck by the wonder of God.

     I might add 3 more.  Ask God to make you holy, and more like Jesus.  Ask God for wisdom, for a mind that thinks and understands like God’s.  And when we pray for those in need, we might add Lord, show me how I might be the answer to my own prayer.  That is, ask for marching orders…