Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Praxis - what to pray?

     Several of you have asked me, OK, pray while doing the dishes, pray in the closet – but what do I pray?  Whatever may be on your heart, of course, and whatever you suspect might be on God’s heart.

     I’ve not read her newest book, but Anne Lamott’s title provides a simple outline; in various forms we say 3 things to God:  Help! Thanks! and Wow!  That could keep you busy praying for quite a while.  Ask for God’s assistance; express gratitude; and be awestruck by the wonder of God.

     I might add 3 more.  Ask God to make you holy, and more like Jesus.  Ask God for wisdom, for a mind that thinks and understands like God’s.  And when we pray for those in need, we might add Lord, show me how I might be the answer to my own prayer.  That is, ask for marching orders…

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  1. Help, Thanks, Wow... that really could keep us busy for a while. Thanks for providing that.

    Do you ever recommend common, written prayers for people? I've used the Lord's Prayer for years as my guide to prayer. And I'm using Stookey's "This Day" prayer book right now. There are admittedly times that I pray through it mechanically and move on, but there are also a number of times that the depth of those thoughtfully written prayers leads to a great depth in my own prayer time.