Monday, January 14, 2013

Praxis - Think like Jesus - the shower...

So you're into the morning routine - which for me must begin promptly with coffee or I'm grouchy all day. Bowl of cereal, skim the paper, check email and Facebook, brush your teeth, get in the shower... Nothing of consequence here, just the rote pattern of getting ready for the day.

Jesus started his public life by taking a quick bath in a river. Maybe when I first splash water on my face, or when I step into the shower, I might actually think about Jesus - who said "I am the living water" (John 7), who bathed the feet of his friends (John 13), who healed with water (John 8).

We baptize with water - either a little on the forehead or full-bodied dunking! - and it's not cute, but the power of God descending. Martin Luther wrote that our greatest comfort on earth is recalling that "I am baptized."

At our church on Sunday, we gave out plastic tags for folks to hang in the shower that say "Lord, as I enter the water to bathe, I remember my baptism. Wash me by your grace. Fill me with your Spirit. Renew my soul. I pray that I might live as your child today, and honor you in all that I do." We hope people will pray that each day during their morning routine; I believe if we do, our day will be anything but routine!


  1. I got one of those tags from Church of the Resurrection a couple years ago. Great addition to my morning routine!

  2. So, you define praxis "as the way we take theory and knowledge, and apply it, and make it real in daily life." While I don't think your definition is bad I feel like you have left out the "action" part of praxis. I fail to see, in this post and your other "Praxis" posts, how thinking about another person while doing dishes, riding your bike, or taking a shower is acting on a theory unless your theory is limited to prayer and nothing else. Praxis seems to imply action not passive thoughts. Giving food to the hungry, care to the sick, or (at the very least) a kind word to the brokenhearted would be a type of praxis, not thinking about them while you wash yourself.